Microsoft Considered Selling Bing Search Engine to Apple

Microsoft considered selling its Bing search engine to Apple, according to a report from Bloomberg. The potential acquisition would have seen Bing replace Google as the default search engine on Apple devices. This move could have had significant implications for both Microsoft and Apple in the search engine market.

Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine


Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, which was launched in 2009. While Google dominates the search engine market, the tool has managed to secure a significant market share over the years. However, it still lags far behind Google in terms of popularity and usage.

By considering selling Bing to Apple, Microsoft was looking for new opportunities and a chance to challenge Google’s dominance in the search engine space. The potential collaboration between Microsoft and Apple would have allowed Bing to reach a much wider audience through Apple’s extensive user base.

The Impact on Apple

If Apple had acquired Bing and made it the default search engine on their devices, it could have been a strategic move to reduce their reliance on Google. Currently, Google pays Apple billions of dollars each year to remain the default search engine on Apple products. By using Bing, Apple could have established more control over its search engine ecosystem and potentially generate additional revenue.

However, it is important to consider the user experience aspect as well. Google has become synonymous with search, and many users might be hesitant to switch to Bing. Implementing it as the default search engine could have sparked mixed reactions among Apple users, with some embracing the change and others preferring to stick with Google.

The Future of Bing and Apple’s Search Engine

Although the talks between Microsoft and Apple did not materialize into a deal, it is interesting to speculate about the future of Bing and Apple’s search engine. Both companies have a vested interest in the search engine market, and it is possible that they might explore other collaborations or strategies in the future.

For Microsoft, finding ways to increase Bing’s market share and challenge Google’s dominance remains a priority. They may consider partnerships with other tech giants or focus on enhancing Bing’s features and user experience to attract a larger audience.

As for Apple, the potential acquisition of Bing demonstrates its desire to reduce dependence on competitors and further integrate its ecosystem. While Google remains the default search engine on Apple devices, Apple might explore other opportunities to strengthen its search capabilities and provide users with more choices.

Overall, the potential acquisition by Apple would have been a significant development in the search engine market. While the talks did not result in a deal, both Microsoft and Apple continue to explore ways to improve their search engine offerings. The future of Bing and Apple’s search engine remains uncertain, but the competition between them and industry leader Google is sure to drive innovation and benefit users in the long run.