Issa Kassis, Mayor of Ramallah: “There is No Room for Negotiation with This Israeli Government”

“There is No Room for Negotiation with This Israeli Government”

Issa Kassis, born in Jerusalem and 56 years old, currently serves as the mayor of Ramallah, the administrative capital of the West Bank and the seat of the Palestinian Authority government. In a recent interview, Mayor Kassis expressed his deep concerns over the escalating violence following the events of October 7th and Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflictReflecting on the deteriorating situation, Mayor Kassis emphasizes the lack of space for negotiation with the current Israeli government. The ongoing violence and hostility make it challenging to find common ground and establish meaningful dialogue. The mayor firmly believes that the actions and policies of the Israeli government have exacerbated the tensions and hindered any possibility of a peaceful resolution.

Under the leadership of the current Israeli government, the Palestinian people have witnessed a surge in settlement expansion. Demolitions of Palestinian homes, and human rights violations. Mayor Kassis sees these actions as direct obstacles to the peace process and a disregard for the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Importance of international support and intervention

Israeli-Palestinian conflictAmidst the violence and turmoil, the Mayor notes the importance of international support and intervention. He highlights the role of the international community in holding the Israeli government accountable for its actions and pushing for a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mayor Kassis acknowledges that the road to peace will be challenging and require sacrifices from both sides. However, he remains hopeful that with international pressure and engagement. The Israeli government can be compelled to change its course and engage in productive negotiations.

Ramallah, as the administrative capital of the West Bank. Plays a crucial role in the Palestinian struggle for statehood and self-determination. Mayor Kassis is dedicated to representing the aspirations and interests of the Palestinian people. Ensuring the development and prosperity of Ramallah under challenging circumstances.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Frustration over the violence

In conclusion, Mayor Issa Kassis, the dedicated mayor of Ramallah, expresses his concern and frustration over the violence and lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He firmly believes that there is no room for negotiation with the current Israeli government, given their policies and actions. The mayor emphasizes the need for international support and intervention. Hold the Israeli government accountable and push for a peaceful resolution. With hope and determination, Mayor Kassis continues to advocate for the rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people. And the development of Ramallah as the capital of the West Bank.